The disrespecting of $1,250,000

Posted by Green Run Little League on Jun 05 2016 at 05:27AM PDT in Spring 2016

Managers, Coaches and Parents,

For the past 40 years, volunteers like many of you have worked tirelessly to raise funds to keep Green Run Little League alive. Within those efforts your league has been able to save over a Million Dollars. Matched with a small contribution from the Cal Ripken Foundation, The Princess Anne Youth Athletic Complex was started and as you can see a second field has been added. Both the GRLL and PA Fields need constant maintenance which again brings me to these volunteers who sacrifice time away from their families maintaining the fields.

Ladies and Gentlemen, over the past week over 30 kids, coaches and spectators were polled about the rules at the PA Complex. 100% of those polled knew the rules, NO PETS, NO METAL CLEATS, NO GUM OR SUNFLOWER SEEDS on the field or in the dugout!

Apparently there are a few culprits out there who feel they are above the rest and chose to abuse the policy and spit their seed carcass both on the field and in the dugout . At yesterday’s Major game there was an absolute carpet of seed carcasses in the dugout which required instant maintenance and removal of the thousands of carcasses.

Ladies and Gentlemen, these fields need to survive another 40 years! This kind of abuse if not stopped will likely cause certain long term maintenance dollars in repairs.

Clint Eastwood says, “Respect your effort. Respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power”.

Please remind your Players Managers and Coaches and even guest teams of the rules. You are empowered to speak up!

Thank You

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