Thank you to those Managers, Coaches, and Parents who came to our meeting!

Posted by Green Run Little League on May 24 2018 at 06:59PM PDT

Remember we can’t fix it if we don’t hear your voice!
We spoke about our budget, closing day, and All Stars.
A parent brought up the topic of not knowing things… parents please please check your emails. Out of 400 emails only 160 of you are registered to get updates. When you signed up you put an email down on the registration form. We use that email for the website. If you did not get an email to complete registration please check your spam folder it went out at the beginning of the season.
Facebook is where 90% of our parents get their Info. We post as much as we can to keep everyone in the loop. If you don’t understand or have questions about a post that’s made please message us and ask about it. Please understand that rain calls sometimes have to wait until the last minute. We appreciate all of you!
Lastly, Volunteerism was brought up.
WE NEED YOU! If every team gave 1 parent a week on Sunday for Bingo it would be a Dream!
I want you over the next couple of weeks to look at the PA Field, look at the grass, look at what isn’t developed, imagine a concession stand, working restrooms, imagine more fields, and imagine not having to bounce back and forth from field to field. I want you to think about these things and ask your self how much all that costs? Well with Bingo we could have our beautiful park built in no time! But we need VOLUNTEERS to help us make the money to build that dream.
I am a Navy Spouse, I work full time, I have 2 boys, and I’m a board member. I work concessions and Bingo. We have Board members who don’t even have children in the league but find time to give back. I want to be an example to my boys and other children because someone was an example to me! If I could change ONE child’s life it’s worth all the sweat and sacrifice I make. I know we are all busy, but take the time to breath some fresh air, plan to set aside 4 hours on a Sunday once a month to give back to your community.
We at Green Run hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Holiday. Thank you!