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Umpire Corner

Posted by Green Run Little League at Apr 14, 2014 12:13PM PDT

From Uncle Al’s Umpire Corner.

Managers, Coaches and Parents, from time to time we will provide you updated official information. Al Itri is the Leagues and the District 8’s Chief Umpire. Both Al and Safety Chairman Phil Jarvis strive to ensure the safety in all games. Hence Uncle Al’s Umpire Corner.

Did you know…..

XIV – Field Decorum – Item (b) and (d) could cause you and your players a safety issue, an out situation for the offense, and loss of FUN for the for the KIDZ.

Item (b)Except for the batter, base-runners, and base coaches at first and third bases, all players shall be on their benches in their dugouts or in the bull pen when the team is at bat.

When the team is on defense, all reserve players shall be on their benches or in the dugouts.

We have seen players who are not up to bat three deep swinging bats. This is not authorized and is a safety issue. Managers and Coaches need to keep this rule in mind so that you can prepare for all stars

Note. There are no bull bens at Green Run.

Item (d)A Manager or coach shall not leave the bench or dugout except to confer with a player or umpire and only after receiving permission from an Umpire.

This too will cause an issue. If you are between home and first or home and third and decide to stop a foul ball, The umpire could cite you for interference if on offense and obstruction if on defense.

We at Green Run do not want you on the field because of safety reasons unless you are at the coaches boxes and are watching the players and game.

Machine Pitch will have an additional coach at the mound.

T-Ball will have as many as possible to ensure safety and FUN for the KIDZ. Keep picking those daisy’s. John needs the help :)

Mike Matheny Letter To Parents
Message from Kevin Seitzer – Mike Matheny is the new St. Louis Cardinals Manager. He’s one of the most respected, wonderful people you will ever be around. Mike coached his kids after retirement and this is a letter to the parents on his team. This may be the BEST letter ever written regarding youth baseball and is exactly what “The Mac-N-Seitz Way” is all about. Please enjoy and help us get there!

You may read this letter here: